Science Communicator Officer

Research Group: Administration
Room: 420
Building: A28 - Main Physics Building
Phone: 9351 3201

I'm the Science Communicator for the School of Physics. In my role I run Kickstart Physics workshops for high school students to help with their studies as well as running holiday programs, talks and events for the general public, as well as conduct research on Physics education and Scientific inquiry. I studied astrophysics and Science communication at ANU. Since then I've worked with a couple of Astronauts and I have studied the international space industry and education. Working in science and physics education is great. I get to work with people with the brains the size of planets, and talk to as many people as I can about their work. I love the idea of contributing to the field of science education.  I have a family, an electric lawnmower and a 5.25" tabletop dobsonian telescope, amongst other things!